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Each of our screens has been carefully selected, from work to materials, you deserve to own

      The fiberglass printing window screen is chiefly used in the home for insect preventing purpose as window screen, door screen and retractable window swing window, sliding window, patio screen, porch screen, garage door screen, mosquito screen, etc. But you can also find it creatively used in pastures, orchards and gardens and construction.




      Have light aging resistance, climate resistance;Strong tensile resistance;Dust-proof, antistatic, uv protection;Heat bilges cold shrink coefficient, geographic displacement, mesh regular, good air permeability, high light transmittance, good color fastness, beautiful and easy, durable, easy to clean.








Fiberglass printing window screen


Color: many patterns for your choice.  


      The printing window screening is to use glass fiber monofilament, PVC plastic coated process, plain weave, heating, finalize the design. Plain weave stealth window screening main performance, characteristics, prevent burning;Acid and alkali resistance and other various chemical corrosion resistance.






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