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Fiberglass Door Curtain

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Each of our screens has been carefully selected, from work to materials, you deserve to own

       The Fiberglass Door Curtain is widely used in home garage, kitchen, bedroom, living room, in restaurants, hotels, offices, hospitals, and other places. Fiberglass door screen curtain is the best choice for ventilation, filtrating, insect-proof, safety with various screenings of doors. Not to worry a wind will blow it open. Convenient for toddlers, pets and free of obstacles for wheel chairs.


Name: Fiberglass Door Curtain

Color: White, black, green, ivory etc.



      Fiberglass Door Curtain is woven by glass fiber coating yarn through special process. Compact edge does not choose high temperature or fitting and combining other materials. Suitable tendency of the fiberglass portiere keeps strictness between every piece and keeps whole even. Good PVC bracket have many colors to match the door.






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