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Fiberglass insect screen

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  Fiberglass insect screenInsect nets not only have the function of shading, but also have the function of preventing insects. It is a new type of material to prevent pests in field vegetables. Insect nets are mainly used in the nursery and cultivation of vegetables such as cabbage, cabbage heart, summer radish, cabbage, cauliflower and solanaceous fruits, melons, beans and so on in summer and autumn, which can improve the emergence rate, seedling rate and seedling quality. The use technology of the anti-insect net is introduced as follows:

  Covering form

  (1) Cover the anti-insect net on the large shed directly, press tightly around it with soil or bricks, fasten the net with a film thread, and use it in conjunction with the film thread and the film roll, leaving the front door to uncover. (2) Use bamboo or steel bars to bend into a small arch frame, insert it on the surface of the field, cover the arch frame with the insect-proof net, and then directly pour the net on the net after watering. . (3) Use horizontal scaffolding to cover.

  Cover growth period

  Insect nets provide less shading, and there is no need to uncover the cover day or night or uncover the front cover afterwards. It should be covered throughout the entire process to prevent pests from invading in order to receive a satisfactory pest control effect.

  Soil disinfection

  After the previous crops are harvested, the residues and weeds of the previous crops are removed from the field in time and burned together. 10 days before the construction of the shed, flood the vegetable plot with water for 7 days to drown the eggs and aerobic pathogens of the surface and underground pests, then drain the standing water, let the sun be exposed to the sun for 2-3 days, and spray the whole field for sterilization. insect. At the same time, the anti-insect net should be compacted and sealed to prevent pests from sneaking into and laying eggs. When the small arch canopy is covered and cultivated, the arch canopy should be higher than the crop to avoid the vegetable leaves close to the insect-proof net, so as to prevent the yellow striped beetle outside the net from feeding on the vegetable leaves and laying eggs on the vegetable leaves.

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