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Agricultural Insect Screen

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  Agricultural Insect Screen, Use of insect net

  1. Greenhouse covering: directly cover the insect-proof net on the big scaffold, and compact it tightly with soil or bricks around it. The pressure line of the roof should be tightened to prevent the strong summer wind from opening. Leave the front door uncovered for easy entry and exit. Doors must be closed at ordinary times to prevent butterflies and moths from laying eggs in the shed. At the same time, check the insect-proof net for tears (especially those with a long service life). Once found, it should be repaired in time to ensure that there is no pest intrusion in the net room.

  2. Covering of small arch shed: insert the arch shed into the front of the field with bamboo or steel bars, and cover the insect net on the arch frame. Afterwards, water will be directly poured on the net, and the net will not be exposed until the harvest, and the fully enclosed coverage will be implemented. .

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