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Glass fiber anti-insect net

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  ① Glass fiber anti-insect net are cultivated with insect-proof nets. Glass fiber anti-insect net are the vegetables that urban and rural residents like to eat in summer and autumn. It has the characteristics of fast growth and short cycle. However, there are many pests in open field production and serious pesticide pollution, so the citizens dare not eat it. The use of insect nets to cover cultivation can greatly reduce pesticide pollution. ② Solanaceous fruits and melons are covered with insect-proof net for cultivation. Solanaceous fruits and melons are prone to virus diseases in summer and autumn. After the application of insect-proof nets, the path of aphids transmission is cut off and the harm of virus diseases is reduced. ③Nurturing seedlings. June to August each year is the season for growing vegetable seedlings in autumn and winter. It is also a period of high humidity, heavy rain, and frequent pests, making it difficult to raise seedlings. After using the insect-proof net, the vegetable seedling rate is high, the seedling rate is high, and the seedling quality is good, thus winning the initiative of autumn and winter vegetable production.

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  ① Economic benefits. Insect-proof net coverage can realize vegetable production without spraying or less spraying, thus saving medicine, labor and cost. The use of insect screens increases production costs, but due to the long service life of the insect screens (4-6 years), the annual use time (5-10 months) is long, and it can be used in multiple crops (planting leafy vegetables can produce 6-8 Stubble), the input cost per stubble is low (the effect is more obvious in disaster years). The vegetable quality is good (no or less pesticide pollution), and the effect of increasing production is good. ②Social benefits. It has greatly improved the insect-proof and disaster-resistant capabilities of summer and autumn vegetables, and solved the problem of vegetable shortages that have plagued leaders, vegetable farmers and citizens at all levels for a long time. The social effect is self-evident. ③ Ecological benefits. Environmental issues have attracted more and more attention. The control effect of chemical pesticides is remarkable, but many disadvantages have been exposed. The frequent use of pesticides has caused pollution of soil, water and vegetables. Poisoning incidents occur every year due to accidental consumption of vegetables contaminated by pesticides. Pests have increased resistance to pesticides, making it more and more difficult to prevent and control, Plutella xylostella, and twilight. Pests such as moths have even developed to the point where there is no cure. The insect-proof covering cultivation is achieved through physical control methods to achieve the purpose of insect-proof.

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