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Glass fiber plain weaving window scree

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Glass fiber plain weaving window screen is made of glass fiber, PVC monofilament coating process, plain weaving, heating, and shaping.

Glass fiber plain weaving window screens are made of many glass fiber filaments woven and twisted to form a net, and then thermally coated with ethylene polymer. It is characterized by weathering resistance, corrosion resistance, easy cleaning, clear and stable holes, bright color, durability, and low price, which can meet the needs of various environments. Widely used in construction industry, furniture, office, hotel and various ventilation and anti-mosquito facilities.

The main performance and characteristics of the Glass fiber plain weaving window screen: anti-combustion; resistance to various chemical corrosion such as acid and alkali resistance; resistance to light aging and weather; strong tensile strength; dustproof, antistatic, anti-ultraviolet; thermal expansion and cold Small shrinkage factor, no displacement of warp and weft, correct mesh, good air permeability, high light transmittance, good color fastness, beautiful appearance, durable, and easy to clean.

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