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Nylon window screens

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Nylon window screens do not slip off the edges and are relatively strong; while plastic window screens will have edges slipping, etc., but this kind of window screen is the cheapest; stainless steel window screens are not only small in mesh and have the best effect on blocking mosquitoes, but also the most durable, but the price highest.

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There are rubber moldings on the aluminum alloy window screen frame. Pick it out first, and then you can pull out the window screen.

To install the window screen, one side of the wheel and rubber wheel under the aluminum alloy window frame should be grind off, and the edge of the window screen should be pressed into the groove of the window frame with the remaining side. After pressing the rubber molding strip in, use a decoration knife to mark Remove excess screens. If stainless steel screens are used, glass glue should be used to prevent the thread from scratching.

When replacing a new window screen, you must first fix one side and then slightly tighten the other side, and then fix the other ends in turn. Be careful not to overtighten it, it will cause deformation of the frame and affect the appearance.

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