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folding window screen

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Each of our screens has been carefully selected, from work to materials, you deserve to own

Wide application range. Directly installed in the window frame, wood, steel, aluminum, plastic doors and windows can be assembled; corrosion resistance, high strength, anti-aging, fire resistance, no paint coloring.Good light transmission performance, with a true sense of invisibility.anti-aging long service life, reasonable design.


The invisible screen window is made of glass fiber gauze, the frame profile is aluminum alloy, and the rest of the fittings are made of PVC and assembled separately. It solves the problem that the gap between the traditional screen window and the window frame is too large and the sealing is not strict, and it is safe and beautiful to use.

Pleated fiberglass window screen

Color: White, black, green, ivory etc.

with anti-static function, no ash, good ventilation, easy to use and store.convenient for the preservation of the screen window, prolongs the service life and saves your precious storage space.

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