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The role of fiberglass mesh in external thermal insulation system

The overall cladding of the outer wall of the building envelope effectively avoids the thermal bridge; in addition, since the structural layer is on the inside of the system, the external environment has little effect on it, and its high-value heat storage performance is fully utilized. The indoors are subject to unstable heat waves (such as indoor temperature rise or fall), and the gun body structure can balance the temperature by absorbing heat or releasing heat, which is beneficial to maintain stable indoor temperature.          
Due to the structural characteristics of the system, the system insulation layer is located outside the building envelope structure, avoiding or greatly buffering the stress and stress accumulation caused by structural deformation caused by external temperature changes, and avoiding structural damage caused by rain and snow freezing and wet heat drying cycle. It greatly reduces the erosion of the structure by harmful gases and substances from the outside. Based on this, the external thermal insulation system can reduce or avoid the temperature stress or accumulation of the enclosure structure, and can protect the main structure, thereby effectively improving the durability of the main structure.